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Sep 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
them. >> we have no agreements of that sort. israel is not a member of nato. >> when the president said this week, if romney is suggesting we should start another war -- is that a cheap shot? >> no. romney uses a lot of bellicose rhetoric and it is irresponsible and the president was calling him on it. >> where do we go from here on foreign policy? >> there could always be an october surprise that is out of our control. >> but less likely now, because it looks like israel will not bomb iran on this :. >> this was the message of this speech at the un. he speaks of next year as being the red line, and remember, our defense secretary said that israel would like the attack in april, may, or june. so it is giving obama a bit of a concession, saying that we can wait a little more but not that much more. >> iraq and afghanistan have worked out so damn well. why not iran next? >> simultaneous. who do they give it to? >> touchdown. >> i've never seen anything like that in my years in football. >> who would have thought that the fans would be cheering nfl referees? what a country. >> it is our gr
Sep 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
with damp and it ended to discuss military cooperation upcoming nato meeting. they also took questions from reporters at the pentagon. >> good morning. it's always an honor to be able to welcome mr. peter mackay to the pentagon. this is the second time i've had the privilege of hosting a leader in washington and the seventh time we have met since i became secretary of defense. we have built a close relationship between our two countries. we are not just neighbors but very close allies and we are working together on a number of issues. a close working relationship testifies to the importance of the larger u.s.-canada relationship and to our defense partnership. our countries are neighbors and we are friends and our militaries their militaries are working closely together, not just for the security of our two countries but for the security and stability of the americas end of the world. this morning peter and i had the opportunity to discuss a range of important issues in advance of next month's conference of defense ministers of the americas which both of us will be attending.
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
reformed. not necessarily named as such, then they leveraged the nato support, which assassinated gadhafi. >> jeff, let me ask you, how big of a problem are these groups right now? >> well, i think they're a major problem. they don't represent a great proportion of libyan citizenry, obviously. you're talking about small rejections factions. a lot of these organizations integrate jihadi veterans who have some combat experience. whether we're talking about iraq in which libyans represented a very sizable contention of foreign fighters there, or even in the afghan pakistan war zone. you have a lot of folks with a great deal of experience and that also plays into the reason of why we didn't know about this and its entirety before it happened. a lot of these guys are very sophisticated in their secrecy and trade craft. you're talking about the word of mouth, et cetera. >> let me ask you about this crucial question we've been reporting on, which is what appears to be, i mean it is at least from the way it's come out, a real disconnect from what the u.s. intelligence committee is saying
Sep 28, 2012 10:00pm EDT
they've got munitions from the united states, from nato countries, from other countries, that's going to basically tell them nothing, because, because of the insurrection that led up to the overthrow of gadhafi. you have countries from all over the world, including the u.s., sending munitions into that country, training the locals how to do it to overthrow the gadhafi government. they had on-the-job training for months and months in how to operate mortars and rpgs and assault rifles and pistols. so you had a war zone there for a long time, so you have tens of thousands of civilians who know how to operate that military hardware and would have the equipment to do it. and after gadhafi was overthrown, the new government came in, no one has gone to that country and taken the munitions and the weapons and the bombs and mortars out. that's all still sitting there. we'll have the same issue in syria when that ends. for all the stuff that's being sent in to help the rebels, what happens in the aftermath when you've got tons of stuff that came in from all over the world and it falls into the han
Sep 29, 2012 12:45pm EDT
libya, for example, the way nato was involved and the way it was, i, myself, was in a very, you know, i was not the bbc and, you know, just said the day before, we're going to cue the people in benghazi, and when gadhafi says i'm going to kill, he's going to kill. he was going to kill. what we have to do -- i work for a no-fly zone, but i wanted to be asked to do something, and i think that today in syria, it's very, very, very, very disappointed to see we're not doing anything. agree to disagree on this and let it to be the way it is with syria. i'm not saying we have to be passive, but we have to be respectful. we have to know with whom we -- we should not intervene only to protect our interests. in libya, it was quite clear this was a deal between the united states and france, and i think in syria, we have to care about the people who are being killed and not only about the interests, which i think is the case today. >> i'm a journalist from egypt visiting dc and returning back again to cover the dilemma between the polarization between islamists and civil or secular powers.
Sep 29, 2012 5:00am PDT
because the nato in afghanistan produced a report that writes according to the report, before the surge, insurgents used nearly 600 homemade bombs against u.s. andal plid forces. by august, 2012, near the end of the surge, the number was just over 600. u.s. combat are scheduled to end by 2014. the longest war in american history has received relatively scant media attention. part of the reason is that we don't know what afghanistan policy mitt romney is proposing. we know there is a huge political opportunity for him to get to the president's left and call for a more rapid withdrawal. we also know the right wing foreign policy elites would never let him dethat. i want to find out what my guests know now they didn't know when the week began. jimmy, what do we know? >> we know everyone is not excited about the barclay center, the new home for the brooklyn nets. there were protests when the stadium opened. folks are upset the developers didn't keep their promises to communities, most of them of color about affordable housing and job promises. that's something we need to keep an eye o
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)